Forbes “Small Giants” Editorial Highlights Adamas Biotech’s COVID-19 Prophylactic Technology

Forbes magazine, in its new editorial “Small Giants,” has featured Cube Labs in its list of 100 Companies of Champions, highlighting the COVID-19 prophylactic technology codeveloped by Adamas Biotech and DTech, both Cube Labs companies.

The DTech Biogel Spray with nasal and oral spray formulations have been registered as Class I medical devices in Italy.. The technology is characterized by the presence of Theaphenon E®, a bioactive plant polyphenol mixture rich in green tea catechins, in a biocompatible hydrogel, designed to be safely administered to the upper respiratory tract to inactivate viral particles before they infect the host cells.

Theaphenon E® has the highest concentration of relevant catechins in the highest purity currently available; it is virtually free of caffeine and theophylline and has already been tested for toxicity and safety. It is currently used in Adamas Biotech’s laboratories for further development and implementation for human health. Adamas Biotech is the sole European distributor of Theaphenon E®.

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